Because each client and each proposal is unique (based on specific tasks, turnaround times, possible need for subcontractors/additional resources, etc.) pricing information cannot be provided until we have some idea of the work involved.  Typically we work under a competitive hourly rate, but can provide a flat (project) rate in some instances.

As a very small company with work done primarily by one contractor (sole practitioner), our overhead is low and our structure is simple, so we can provide greater flexibility and a lower price than most proposal staffing firms.

That said, we’re not just “run of the mill” freelancers bidding low in return for acquiring some experience:  we’re not looking to use your project as a “training ground;” we instead are here to solve your communications needs.  We are highly experienced professionals with real-world experience who know what it’s like to work in a newsroom, in a proposal war room, or at a Fortune 500 company and who can “jump in” to a project right away.

Bottom line:  We’re not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive.  We will provide you with high-quality professional work with no hand-holding required, delivering it quickly and with the highest respect for deadlines.